CommonCrypto and the Swift Bridging Header

Published Aug 21, 2016

The Backstory

Recently I started to learn a little bit of Swift in an attempt to build ImagrAdmin, but I ran into a road block pretty quickly. How do I create a sha512 encoded string? Imagr uses a sha512 encoded string for the password component at the root level of imagr_config.plist. You can check out the Imagr wiki on GitHub for more details about this component.

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Welcome Post

Published Aug 8, 2016
Updated Aug 9, 2016

I'm excited to finally start a blog now that I've found a solution that I really enjoy working with. I've thought for a long time now that I need to have a place to place my thoughts and experiences in IT. Two years ago I decided to begin looking for a job in IT after I had been working as a repair tech at my local Apple store for a few years. During this time I've met and engaged with some incredibly giving and knowledgeable people who have shared so much with the Mac Admin community. After I started finding different Mac Admin and Python related blogs I was hooked on learning. I have been able to a learn a TON all because so many people in these various communities were willing to take the time to share what they've learned through their experiences.

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